A night at the bowls

For the first time in a while, our monthly consultants meeting made a trip to Mount Eden Bowls

A night at the bowls

It has been sunny literally every evening over the last week, apart from the one we go bowling. What is it with us and bad weather whenever we do an outdoor event?

Clouds aside, this was fun.  6 lanes, no competition, just a bunch of consultants having a go, most of whom have never played bowls before. This made for an interesting start as several people did not know that the balls were weighted to one side when they had their first go.  

One battle of note, the late bloomer, Satya Patel started slowly but by the end was almost impossible to beat.  So much so that more than once the Kjellburg Hammer came into play (Adrian Kjellberg quite successfully trying to smash the smaller ball off the back). I'm sure that tactic has another name but at NOW Consulting it's the Kjellberg Hammer.

The night was topped off by half time fish and chips from the award winning Mount Eden Fish & Chip shop.

A huge thanks to Consultancy Administrator Sandy Cavenett for organising the evening. Everyone had a fantastic time and I'm sure we'll all be back again next year.


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