Tanida & Chris are running the Gobi

Help put an end to slavery

Tanida & Chris are running the Gobi

This July Tanida Poffley and Chris Eato are going to run 250km across the Gobi desert to raise money for Tear Fund, a charity working to end slavery.

There are currently 40 million people living in slavery right now. A very harrowing fact. Tanida Poffley and Chris Eato have been inspired to do something about it.

Over the coming months we’ll be helping Tanida and Chris raise awareness and raise funds to help put an end to slavery. Each month we’re going to do a different blog post, each one focusing on a different aspect of what they’re doing and the extent of the problem they’re trying to solve.

Want to know more?  

Tanida and Chris explain what they're doing and why in more detail on their fundraising page, the event they're taking part in is truly scary! 

How can you help? 

Give generously on Tanida and Chris’ fundraising page and if you’re feeling bold, share this post to help spread the word and stop slavery for good.

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