Auckland Bike Challenge

We won!

Auckland Bike Challenge

Auckland Bike Challenge - 50 to 199 employee category

We’re proud to announce that WhereScape and NOW Consulting (a division of WhereScape) have won 1st place in the Auckland Transport Bike Challenge in the category for companies with between 50 and 199 employees.  The event encourages Aucklanders to get on their bikes, promoting all of the health and environmental benefits, and showing people that cycling can be a lot of fun!

As a team, we covered a total of 5,447km, with Jason Laws and Leo Liu leading the charge.  Chandra Shekhar was the man cracking the whip, organising everything internally and making sure everyone was getting on their bike.

We all got a bit fitter, enjoyed a lot of rides and we’re looking forward to participating again next year.

If you’d like to find out more about the event, you can read all about on the Bike Challenge website here.

With a little luck, all that cycling will have prepared us all for the Dual tomorrow.  With at least twenty WhereScape and NOW employees entering the mountain bike or triathlon events, we certainly needed the training!  If you’re taking part, come over and say hello at the WhereScape tent at the end of the race (let’s find out who’s really reading our blog).

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