Auckland Marathon 2017

Racing around town

Auckland Marathon 2017

Each year a group of NOW Consulting/WhereScape employees take on the Auckland half/full marathon and this year was no different.  For the 2017 event we had one marathon runner, five half marathon runners and two 12.5k traverse runners.

Records have been smashed and hearts broken, all on the same day.

Here are a few special mentions:

Our marathon runner, Jimmy Stewart, crossed the line in 4:29, missing the sub four-hour target he set before the race.  Whilst he missed his target he achieved his goal – running a marathon.  Hats off and congratulations, it’s no mean feat.

Geoff Pahl pushed through a calf injury picked at the 8k mark and came in near the 2:20 pacer.  A great race but pipped by his running partner at the last second, he saw the pacer and sprinted after at about 100m out.  Still pretty good from a man who only did two training runs!

Adrian Kjellberg was unfortunately involved in a bike accident earlier this year which meant he wasn’t able to train until very close to the race.  This didn’t stop him, he took the race on with on only one 5km training run and he still managed to finish in 2:30.

Finally, Amit Shah.  Amit had a great race, getting in under two hours for the first time.  Congratulations Amit, the two-hour mark is a hard one to beat.


Bring on 2018!


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