De-risk your cloud journey with data warehouse automation

Now, ultimate speed and efficiency can come from a single tool that manages the whole cloud data warehouse lifecycle, end-to-end, fast.

De-risk your cloud journey with data warehouse automation

Data is prolific. 90% of all the world’s data was created in the past two years.

With such explosive growth, it’s important to make sure data teams are able to scale and keep up with the demand for insights.

By leveraging the power of cloud data warehouse automation, scale and speed can be yesterdays problem.

2019 ushers in a new era of cloud-based analytics as Advanced Analytics and AI reach critical mass. Will you be on the fast path to cloud success or get left behind? The payback is too good to ignore…

Hear how Lumino The Dentists migrated to the cloud in only 30 days using NOW Consulting & WhereScape RED.

The WhereScape RED benefits:

Automates the Repetition + Increases Agility

WhereScape RED removes around 95% of the need for manual coding.

A lot of processes in building a data warehouse are repeatable. The way a data store is built is practically the same regardless of the database language being used. Using the universal language of databases (SQL) WhereScape RED automates the repeatable frameworks.

Understand the impact before you act.

As the business picture changes (and it does often for most businesses) WhereScape RED keeps you agile so you can keep pace with it. Software driven impact analyses means when you need to make a change, you get the full picture at the click of a button. You have flexibility to change quickly as feedback comes from the business. This agility saves money and time and even allows for experimentation.

Built-in Best Practice Frameworks

Best practice agile data warehouse methodologies are built into the tool.

There’s NO key man dependency. One developer can pick up where another has left off. By the same token, the in-built best practice frameworks compress the learning curve for those picking it up for the first time.

WhereScape RED generates crucial documentation.

Like where data has come from, how it’s been calculated, what rules have been applied and what they mean. It automates the creation of and provides the single repository for all documentation and makes it accessible to all.

Reduces Complexity with end-to end lifecycle management

WhereScape RED consolidates multiple tools into ONE complete data warehouse lifecycle management tool:

  • ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)
  • Modelling Tool
  • Requirements Tool
  • Deployment Tool

The simplicity of a single toolset allows for greater agility and efficiency.

Cloud-Friendly ELT Architecture

WhereScape RED supports multiple databases with a light architecture which does not require an additional ETL server.

As it is PaaS (Platform as a service infrastructure) it is developed to ‘plug in’ to the cloud platform. WhereScape RED’s push down low data movement ELT architecture is perfect for cloud and bursty workloads. It delivers new data infrastructure and big data integration projects to the business fast. It eliminates manual tasks, automates data and focuses on the high-value work that turns IT requestors into IT advocates.


Now, ultimate speed and efficiency can come from a single tool that manages the whole data warehouse lifecycle, end-to-end, fast. WhereScape RED streamlines build time, increases agility and allows for the efficient redistribution of resources. Think: automated Swiss Army Knife of the future! And purpose built for cloud-based data warehousing.

You can migrate your data warehouse to the cloud in record time, just like Lumino The Dentists and Xero did.



Your three simple steps to the Cloud:

  1. Talk to us - About the different routes to the cloud
  2. Try – Take WhereScape RED for a spin at one of our WhereScape RED Test Drive events. You’ll build a data warehouse in the cloud in only two hours!
  3. Assess - We can do a feasibility assessment or a pilot to give confidence and certainty to your migration. Give your stakeholders proof of the benefits the cloud can bring!

Go! - It’s easy when you know how! And we do.

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