Cloud Services Overview

A safer journey to the cloud

Cloud Services Overview

Cloud has become one of those ubiquitous terms associated with a modern IT architecture. This makes sense given the ever-increasing advantages in cost, agility and feature sets. Yet most enterprise data warehouse environments are still on premises rather than in the cloud. So what are the challenges and why is it only recently that organisations have started to consider public cloud data warehouses? 

For a start, data warehouses are not simple and discrete systems that can be just picked up and deployed on cloud infrastructure. Often these same data warehouses were populated from on premises source systems and the cost and effort of copying data to the public cloud was prohibitive. Finally, public cloud database solutions were not up to the rigours of large data processing requirements. In short, the time wasn’t right.

Times have changed. With new powerful, scalable and cost-effective technology solutions coupled with fast and robust network infrastructure, in most cases, the reasons to move to the cloud far outweigh the reasons to remain on premises.

We can help you take your journey to the cloud, smoothly and safely. Here’s how.

Our Approach

As with everything we do at NOW Consulting we focus on three important factors

  • Outcomes for our customers
  • Domain specific expertise
  • Tried and true experience delivering complex solutions using the technologies we recommend

Given the breadth of public cloud platforms and the breadth of services offered by each, it’s very important to identify the correct technologies for your problem. Perhaps more importantly, to get the true savings and benefits from public cloud, you need to architect and design systems differently. Platform as a Service offerings in particular can offer greater flexibility and features at reduced cost, if appropriate for your use case.

Given the flexibility of public cloud, agility is key and we structure our projects to support agile, iterative frameworks. We’ve proven it works over hundreds of data projects. We have tailored our project methodology to ensure that each and every project we undertake is successful.

Using our proven approach to public cloud we can make your cloud journey a shining success.

Our Public Cloud Services:

  • Data & technology roadmap
  • Migration assessment & POC services
  • Data warehouse build/migration
  • Data warehouse management and support

Tell us about your environment and your goals and our architects can show you how to take advantage of everything the cloud has to offer.

Do you have a project?

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