Crazy Golf(ers) at the Holey Moley!

The NOW team took at trip to Holey Moley to see who could put the crazy in Crazy Golf.

Crazy Golf(ers) at the Holey Moley!

Once a quarter, we take our monthly team meeting offsite.  The team were in for a treat this quarter as we hit the Viaduct to play some Crazy Golf.  

For those of you not familiar with Holey Moley, the Crazy Golf course come Viaduct bar has three nine hole mini-golf courses interspersed with the occasional bar or kind member of staff taking drinks orders.  A powerful combination.

We had an excellent turn out for our second outing of the year with 40 of the team in attendance.  A big shout out to the Hamilton team who made by far the longest journey to be there.  

Going around in groups of four meant it did take quite awhile to get everyone through.  Slow play can be an absolute disaster, there's nothing quite so painful as being marooned on the third whole waiting for Mr Marketing to put the bloody ball in the hole.

As with any game orientated NOW event, competition was rife.  I'm not 100% sure that all the scorecards were handed in but I'm going to assume that was intentional and meant to hide the poor scores.  Drum roll please......

In third place, with a very competitive score of 24, our fearless CEO Dave Morris.  Always humble in victory.

In second place, Stevie G, on 23.

Finally, our winner, Tommy 'The Smash' Jiang with a score of just 22.  He dominates the badminton court and the golf course - there must be something this man can't do!  (lucky for Tommy this page doesn't offer a comments section).

It was great to see NOW long-timers and new members of the team having so much fun.  Thanks to all those who came, it was a very fun evening.

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