Surprise stakeholders with maximum Profitability (not maximum cost)

The nirvana for any project has never been easier to reach

Surprise stakeholders with maximum Profitability (not maximum cost)

Rightly or wrongly, there’s a persistent perception that IT and all the convoluted implications that go with it, costs a lot more than it should. The simple antidote to cost, however, is the demonstration of value. When value outweighs cost, particularly if it does so by a wide margin, then cost isn’t that big of a deal. And that’s what the Profitability pillar of Datability is all about; it is the point and which data is measurably turned into dollars.

Datability is releasing big data value faster and with less hassle than ever before. As a quick recap, there are four pillars to Datability: Possibility, Buildability, Scalability and the one which is today’s topic of discussion (and the culmination, really, of the whole effort) Profitability. This last one is perhaps the best measure of Datability because it’s measured in that most fundamental and universal of things: hard currency.

So, cost. IT has usually been ‘expensive’ because it is complex and esoteric, on the one hand. On the other, it’s also always been worth it (were this not the case, it’s hard to see how people would keep paying for it).

But there’s also been continual good news where cost is concerned; with the introduction of clever stuff like cloud software/platform as a service, Moore’s law and the progress towards maturity, the highly competitive nature of the market which has driven many aspects of IT to commoditisation, things have never looked so good.

These factors underpin and contribute to Profitability because they mean the necessary structures of Datability are put in place without leaning on the capital budget. Cloud platform as a service from Microsoft Azure and the availability of data preparation tools like WhereScape RED mean you can get everything lined up for Datability for a few thousand dollars. OK, we’ll admit, advanced expertise of the sort we provide at NOW Consulting, which can play a crucial role in success, must also be factored into the cost; data, after all, can be an awfully big haystack and if there’s assistance in finding the needle, it’s a good idea to take it.

But with the data structures and costs sorted, it’s time to start measuring the results of the Datability exercise. For conglomerate Abano Healthcare, which operates hundreds of dental clinics across Australia and New Zealand, following the Datability methodology has boosted business, resulting in improved financial performance which comes from acquiring more customers and providing targeted services to its existing clientele.

The company’s CIO Peter Radich explains it like this: “We wouldn’t be able to achieve the numbers and growth we do achieve [without Datability]."

The outcome is, Radich confirms, largely about anticipating and then accurately meeting and exceeding customer expectations to consistently create a positive customer experience.

And, bear in mind, that Datability is helping dentists achieve positive customer experiences (who among us would describe in those terms a visit to have a tooth drilled!)

By grabbing hold of its data, releasing it from the limitations of expensive and unwieldy on-premises storage systems with the Microsoft Azure cloud, getting guidance from NOW Consulting and using the WhereScape RED data automation solution, Abano has gone through the Datability steps. And now it is enjoying the fruits of that effort - Profitability.

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