Turn data into advantage faster, easier, and without the risk

Datability is a potent combination of Microsoft Azure, WhereScape RED and NOW Consulting expertise.

Turn data into advantage faster, easier, and without the risk

Here’s a simple but shocking fact about data. It’s useless.

If data merely accumulates, stashed away somewhere, it has no value. In fact, it can even be a liability, leaving you with costs of storing and maintaining it, and potential liability should it be accessed by unauthorised persons.

Information, on the other hand, is very useful. And it comes from, you guessed it, data.

The question for your company, therefore, is ‘are you doing anything useful with your data’?

With the potent combination of Microsoft Azure, WhereScape RED and NOW Consulting expertise, you can do much more with data today. We call it ‘datability’: the ability to extract powerful insights from data.

Why Azure? The cloud platform from Microsoft offers big advantages which can be summed up as ‘infrastructure freedom’. You can shift all your data into the cloud and never need worry about servers, database licenses, maintenance and all the other big overheads associated with on-premise equipment.

But while Azure eliminates those boring problems, storing the stuff somewhere is just one part of the puzzle. Remember our intro? Storing it doesn’t equate to value. Using it does.

And that’s where WhereScape RED and NOW Consulting complete the picture. A complete toolset to handle every aspect of the data warehouse lifecycle, RED gives you everything you need. In the cloud, in one go, from start to finish. And NOW Consulting provides the expertise to help you maximise data value.

There are four pillars to datability and across them all, Azure, RED and NOW’s experts work together to rapidly create information value from data in the cloud.

1. Buildability

So, your data is in the cloud on Azure. Let’s build something with it. WhereScape RED provides a framework which automates and accelerates the process of building data solutions in the cloud. This complete data warehouse automation tool eliminates around 80% of manual coding. It streamlines build time, increases agility and lets your people focus on the important things, rather than constantly reinventing the wheel.

2. Scalability

Data keeps growing, right? At crazy, unprecedented rates. You want your solution to enjoy the same ‘uncapped’ headroom. That’s what you get with Azure and WhereScape RED. Where on-premise infrastructure has obvious limits, there’s no such restriction in the cloud. And RED’s designed for the enterprise. As big as your data gets, it’s ready to handle it all with the power of automation and repeatable frameworks. Instant capacity, available when you need it.

3. Possibility

Advanced analytics, data lakes, and AI are the future of business in the cloud. But just how will these techniques and technologies impact your business? The answer may surprise you…because isn’t necessarily certain – but the possibilities are. Establishing datability in your company means exploring the latent potential in data. When you have the tools and expertise (and most importantly, the commitment) to become a data-centric company, the sky’s the limit. It means the possibility of new insights, potential new products, new ways of doing business and new customers. Driven by datability, turning data into valuable information.

4. Profitability

At its core, business is about adding value to customers, with profitability the reward. Datability means exploring new ways to add value to your customers. To impress them. Maybe even amaze them. With a much lower barrier to entry, cloud services available in Azure and WhereScape RED means you can create data warehouses or data lakes rapidly to get the insights that drive customer delight. And you can do it fast, taking advantage of those possibilities to turn them into profitabilities.

Over the course of the coming weeks, we’re going to go into more detail on these four pillars of datability. It’s an exciting development, because it means you can turn dead data stored on tapes or archives, into real, valuable and useable information.

It means datability.

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