Find out how fast and simple your cloud migration could be

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Find out how fast and simple your cloud migration could be

WhereScape RED customers thinking about migrating to the cloud are in a uniquely good position as there are major advantages to companies moving from RED to RED:

  • Migrating is a pretty straightforward process. It doesn’t take long and there is a minimum of rewriting involved. It is a conversion process, not a re-doing of something already done. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, or even worse, rebuild the entire data warehouse (something which could take years).
  • All your logic, data warehouse structures and everything else migrate into the cloud too.
  • The development environment is very similar to the on-premises version which reduces the amount of retraining and upskilling required to move to the cloud.
  • In an earlier blog, we discussed the merits of ELT over the increasingly outdated approach of ELT; in the cloud, RED still does just this, harnessing and centralising data processing and computing within the database platform itself. This means you don’t need to waste time and money on setting up a discrete ETL engine; the database platform itself has the smarts to manage computing demand, scale-up and scale-out.

What’s more, WhereScape RED supports all the major cloud database platforms.

If you're a WhereScape RED customer and you're thinking about migrating to the cloud, get in touch.  We can talk you through your options and show you how WhereScape RED can accelerate and de-risk your cloud migration.  

How fast & simple could your migration be?

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