How WhereScape RED makes for a better Snowflake

WhereScape RED's automation for Snowflake gives you the full set of ELT capabilities.

How WhereScape RED makes for a better Snowflake

With Snowflake Computing’s data warehouse in the cloud taking the world by storm, there’s some good news for businesses interested in the company’s technology: where data warehousing goes, WhereScape RED goes too. That’s right, WhereScape RED is fully Snowflake-certified and delivers all the same benefits you’ve come to appreciate, including automated coding, documentation generation, and acceleration of the creation of the structures that underpin data analysis.

First, let’s take a closer look at Snowflake. Essentially, it’s a purpose-designed data warehouse as a service which sits in the cloud. It’s a product with huge visibility, it is very innovative in that it is built in the cloud, for the cloud, and while it is hosted on Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, users don’t need an AWS or Azure subscription to access it (in fact, where or on what it is hosted is of little consequence: like any other service, it merely has to reside somewhere.)

As an aside, Snowflake is headed by Bob Muglia…that’s right, of Microsoft Server and Tools fame. It’s also a legit unicorn, with an estimated US$1.5 billion valuation (though it isn’t…yet…publicly traded).

Worth examining is why Snowflake is such a big deal, even if only briefly. Where the magic lies is in the ‘cloud’ approach the company’s taken to the data warehouse (and at WhereScape, I might add, we’re fully sold on the value and benefits of cloud data warehousing). Sign up for a Snowflake account and you get your data warehouse, along with all the storage and compute and flexibility required. Snowflake manages everything. The sort of value proposition, in other words, which we’ve come to know and love from PaaS, but in this case for the data warehouse.

Now here’s the really interesting bit: the language of data is SQL and the language of Snowflake is SQL. The whole platform is built on that premise; in a world where the cool kids are talking Hadoop, noSQL and Java, Snowflake has gone with SQL and there’s a good 1.5 billion indicators proving the decision right. Note, though, that this doesn’t mean Hadoop is not relevant. It most certainly is (and indeed Snowflake relies on the Hadoop ecosystem, if not Hadoop itself). What it does confirm is that there are plenty of organisations which don’t need that level of complexity – and Snowflake can bring in semi-structured data like JPEGs, XML and so on, which for a lot of companies is all they need.

So where does WhereScape RED come into it? Glad you asked.

The value proposition is essentially the same as it is for the creation of any data warehouse (or related structures) in that WhereScape RED accelerates the build and management of a Snowflake cloud data warehouse. In fact, we’re in a unique position right now as one of the few tools, and the only automation tool, that supports Snowflake.

Using WhereScape RED, you get the full set of ELT capabilities to ingest data into the Snowflake repository and then establish the structures necessary to prepare the data for analysis. As is usual with WhereScape RED, that means just about all the coding and documentation is automated, so your people get to work on ideas and analysis rather than wrestling with getting data into and organized on Snowflake.

We’ve also built some integration around Snowpipe, Snowflake’s data loading service, bringing best practice to data loading; in fact, with WhereScape RED, you get best practice for the entire Snowflake platform, with ease of creating and managing your data warehouse in the cloud.

What’s pretty remarkable is that since creating WhereScape automation for Snowflake, it’s become one of the fastest selling products we’ve ever done (there’s another confirmation of the enticing Snowflake value proposition: customers are flocking to it).

As such, if cloud data warehousing interests you, take the time to check out Snowflake – confident in the knowledge that the familiar environment of WhereScape RED is right there to accelerate value, too.


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WhereScape can help you increase developer productivity fivefold and turn IT requestors into IT advocates.


- WhereScape benefits summary:


Shorten the development life-cycle

While Snowflake reduces the administration and management of traditional data warehouse and big data platform infrastructure, WhereScape automation fast-tracks the design, development, deployment and operation of data infrastructure projects including: data warehouses, data vaults, data lakes and data marts.

With WhereScape automation for Snowflake, you can deliver Snowflake-based data infrastructure projects fast because it:

  • Automates key development and operations workflows based on native Snowflake functions, wizards and best practices, as well as incorporates common data warehouse modelling methodologies such as 3NF, dimensional and Data Vault 2.0
  • Greatly reduces hand-coding, by some estimates as much as 90-95%
  • Generates all documentation automatically as you work for future team and business user reference

Boost developer productivity

By automating the repetitive and time-intensive parts of designing and developing data warehouse models, load processes and transformation code, WhereScape can help you increase developer productivity five-fold. It also supports the continuous integration and delivery of Snowflake-based data infrastructure projects so developers can rapidly and easily incorporate and deploy changes as business demands evolve.

For developers using Snowflake, WhereScape:

  • Generates SQL code for Snowflake automatically
  • Attaches metadata to auto-generated work to speed up future response and project delivery as business needs change
  • Ensures code consistency and mitigates implementation risk

Collaborate more effectively with the business

Through iterative design and development, WhereScape enables IT to collaborate with business users to ensure delivery of impactful decision-support systems to the organization sooner—turning IT requestors into IT advocates. Planning, design and rapid prototyping tools within WhereScape help IT teams close the gap between business need and technical capability early within a project, reducing risk and positively impacting time to value.

WhereScape automation for Snowflake

WhereScape automation for Snowflake includes: WhereScape 3D for Snowflake, WhereScape RED for Snowflake and WhereScape Data Vault Express for Snowflake.

Use WhereScape 3D for Snowflake to smartly tackle the upfront planning, modelling, design and  prototyping associated with data warehouses, data lakes and data marts. Then rapidly develop, deploy and operate your cloud-based data infrastructure with the automation of WhereScape RED for Snowflake. Want to create a data vault? With WhereScape Data Vault Express for Snowflake, 2.0 compliant data vaults can be a practical reality.

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