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The International Institute of Analytics

NOW has partnered with the International Institute of Analytics (IIA) as we believe their world renowned analytics maturity assessment service can play a big role in helping New Zealand organisations deliver standout, world class analytics. 

The IIA offers unbiased advice in an industry dominated by hardware and software vendors, consultants and system integrators. With a vast network of analytics experts, academics and leaders at successful companies, the IIA guide their clients as they build and grow successful analytics programs.

Since its inception, IIA has worked with more than 200 organizations, sharing the keys to analytics maturity so that our clients gain an edge in an economy increasingly driven by data. Through our in-depth research library, moderated phone calls, webinars and events, our clients get the guidance and expertise needed to compete on analytics and win.


The IIA’s Analytics Maturity Assessment (AMA) provides an honest, unbiased, quantitative assessment of how different constituencies within your organization rate and prioritize your firm’s analytics capabilities. The AMA compares your organization against your peer group, and identifies key priorities for optimizing performance through improving analytics capabilities.

In short, this assessment measures how well your organization uses analytics to increase revenue, reduce costs, optimize performance and improve overall decision-making.

Participants will receive answers to key questions, including:

  1. How effective is my organisation in critical analytics-related competencies?
  2. What are the key areas my organisation should focus on now to most improve our overall analytics performance?
  3. How do my organisations overall analytics capabilities compare to those of my peers?

IIA’s AMA uses a software-driven maturity model based on industry standard frameworks: the Five Stages of Analytics Maturity, developed in 2007 by Tom Davenport and Jeanne Harris in their book, Competing on Analytics: The New Science of Winning, and the DELTA Model, developed in 2010 by Tom Davenport, Jeanne Harris and Bob Morison in their book, Analytics at Work: Smarter Decisions, Better Results.

Organizations using the IIA’s AMA are evaluated against 33 unique competencies within the five DELTA model categories. DELTA scores are calculated on a 1.00-5.99 scale with descriptive stages of maturity assigned to each of the five score ranges (1-1.99, 2-2.99, etc.) and aligned with the five stages below.

With these two powerful, yet simple frameworks as the basis for analysis, an AMA generates actionable recommendations for improvement based on the detailed scores generated.


The Analytics Maturity Assessment is designed to deliver an honest, unbiased, quantitative assessment of how well your organization uses analytics to increase revenue, reduce costs, optimize performance and improve overall decision-making. You also get comparison against the competitive landscape, and identification of key priorities for optimizing performance and progressing through the 5-stages of Analytical Maturity. Options include:

In-depth baseline report

The Baseline Report measures your current capabilities, compares against the competitive landscape, identifies key areas for optimizing performance and progress through the Five Stages of Analytics Maturity.

Progress monitoring

We’ll deliver two analytics maturity assessments over 15 months, or three over 24 months, so you can track and measure organizational development as your analytics initiatives take root.

Capability evaluation

In addition to our quantitative assessment, we’ll go one level deeper, visiting with you and your team, to deliver an accurate, unbiased review of your current analytics and business intelligence capabilities. With a focus on where analytics initiatives most often stumble, we’ll provide tailored guidance to the specific needs of your organization, so you can focus on the steps that matter most to the health of your business.


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