Introducing Snowflake - demo via webinar replay

The world's premier cloud native data warehouse

Introducing Snowflake - demo via webinar replay

Snowflake was written for the cloud – ­­­not refactored for the cloud – and that means it uses all the advantages of cloud architecture to make a solution without compromise.  In this replay of our joint webinar with Snowflake we take you through a guided tour of the platform and the innovations that set it apart including:

  • Real-time scalability of the elastic data warehouse
  • Zero management data warehouse
  • Up to 200X faster performance
  • Big Data using SQL 

Live product demo includes:

  • Tour of the web UI
  • Creating a data warehouse
  • Loading data into Snowflake
  • Running queries in Snowflake
  • Native support for semi-structured JSON data
  • Connection to BI/ETL tools.
  • And a lot more....

See Snowflake in action

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