We've joined the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge

It's a race around the world and we have a lot less than 180 days...

We've joined the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge

You may not know this but a big part of our culture is getting fit and staying healthy together.  Anyone who’s come to our events may be surprised by that, given the extra-large helpings of pizza, beer, wine and soft drinks that we serve, but most lunch times and a few weekends a year, you’ll see NOW Consulting employees running, cycling and swimming all over New Zealand.

We decided it was time for something that didn’t require lycra and that promoted the general health of our team, not just the cardiovascular part.

What is the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge?  It’s a race around the world!  Literally thousands of companies from around the globe enter teams of 7 to race around the world.  This is a virtual world of course, we’ve got dashboards and data warehouses to build.  Armed with a step counter and a flash looking app, we enter our steps each day and the Virgin Pulse platform keeps a track of everyone's progress and lets us know how we're doing.  The race runs for three months and as an added bonus, includes a whole raft of additional benefits to help improve your fitness, your diet and even your quality of sleep.

The race commences on the 6th of September and the starting location has been announced.  We’re kicking off in San Francisco.  If you’re taking part, let us know so we can track your progress (email jimmy.stewart@nowconsulting.co.nz).

Enough about us, here’s a little intro into what the challenge is, taken from the Virgin Pulse LinkedIn page:

Virgin Pulse, part of Sir Richard Branson’s famed Virgin Group, replenishes employees with tools that help them build habits that matter. With its award-winning, online platform, the company cultivates daily habits and sustainable behaviour change that help people thrive at work and across all aspects of life. Unlike narrowly-focused employee health and engagement solutions, Virgin Pulse creates more meaningful habits and drives greater utilization across HR investments, delivering a better quality of life for employees and better health, increased productivity, and improved culture for employers. More than 250 industry leaders representing more than 2 million employees have selected Virgin Pulse’s programs to replenish their people and ignite their business.

Learn more at www.virginpulse.com.

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