NOW Consulting forges new partnership with Cloudera

Bringing Big Data Solutions to New Zealand Companies

NOW Consulting forges new partnership with Cloudera

BI and Data services company, NOW Consulting, has forged a partnership with Cloudera, leading global platform for machine learning and advanced analytics built on the latest open source technologies. Cloudera products and solutions are known to lower the affordability barrier to big data. 

David Morris, CEO of NOW Consulting says that the significance of this partnership also lies in its timing.   “It comes together at a time when the ever-expanding potential of Big Data, coincides with enterprise IT organisations’ adoption of cloud computing and the building out of our partnership to provide local solutions to the big data skills shortage.”

“The big news for New Zealand businesses, of all sizes, is that they can now afford to ‘dip their toe in the water’ to test the value and feasibility of big data, without the risk of investing in expensive infrastructure and setup,” he says. 

Morris says Cloudera’s modern data platform combines open source and commercial software to create an enterprise solution to take advantage of big data.  NOW Consulting, previously operating as WhereScape Consulting, has provided BI and data services consulting for almost twenty years to New Zealand’s top brands and organisations. 

The cost of entry has always been a challenge for organisations looking at big data. Morris says this perfect storm has democratised big data with a dramatic decrease in the cost of entry. 

NOW Consulting, already delivering big data projects in the financial services industry, helps businesses find a lower cost entry point into the big data world, by providing experienced data professionals, certified on the Cloudera platform.  The skills shortage was the final piece in the puzzle to drop the cost of entry to big data down to some something more palatable for New Zealand businesses.

“For business this means a no risk, bolt on-bolt off activity without committing to full time resources to deliver big data projects.”

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