New Zealand data firm caters for some of the world's biggest names

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New Zealand data firm caters for some of the world's biggest names

WhereScape is in the news again, this time as part of Stuff’s coverage on the finalists of this year’s exports awards.  WhereScape is a finalist in the category for exporters with revenue over $10m. 

Here’s the article:

Michael Whitehead says his company is using a simple concept to solve a hard problem.

WhereScape is a finalist in this year's ExportNZ awards, in the category for exporters with revenue of more than $10 million.

It is a data warehouse automation and big data software provider that helps firms to make better use of their data to drive their business decision-making.

"Any business decision you need to make is easier if you have the data at your fingertips when you want to make it," Whitehead, WhereScape's president and founder, said.

WhereScape would automate things that were often done by hand, he said. That automation would allow customers to make changes quickly, discover problems faster and reduce their costs.

It has a loyal New Zealand following but most customers were offshore, including VW, Vodafone and Tesco.

"The software business has been internationally focused from day one," Whitehead said.

"When we win major organisations globally that's pretty special. They can buy from anyone but they choose to buy from us. I am humbled every time we get a big brand customer on board."

The company has had revenue growth of 20 per cent to 30 per cent over the past 10 years. The United States is it biggest and fastest-growing market at present but Whitehead said there were also opportunities in Europe, Britain, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

"Being in export is difficult, you are up against world-class competition."

He said it was not good enough to be the best in New Zealand – exporters had to keep producing better products to stand out globally.  "There's lots of selling, it's hard work."

WhereScape employs 150 people around the world.

Whitehead said technology businesses had different needs to exporters of primary products. Government initiatives such as free trade agreements did little to help firms that did not have to deal with getting physical goods across traditional borders and navigating tariffs, he said. 'We don't have a problem selling to anyone in the world."

But other aspects did need the attention – it was important that data storage standards in this country aligned with international standards so that New Zealand firms could store data here.

Wherescape recently spun off a new consulting division Now Consulting, based in its New Zealand offices.

* Stuff Business is the media partner of the Air New Zealand Cargo ExportNZ Awards 2017.

You can find the article on stuff here.

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