An open letter by our CEO, David Morris

De-risk your journey to the cloud

An open letter by our CEO, David Morris

Hi there,

Over the past year we have seen an increasing number of customers moving their data warehouses to the cloud.  Any data platform migration includes an inherent risk and often mandates changes to toolsets and processes. The good news is that WhereScape RED customers are in a uniquely strong position to take advantage of modern data cloud technologies without the associated risks and toolset changes. This is possible as a direct result of the metadata driven approach of WhereScape RED which makes the move to the cloud more predictable than alternative approaches.

Leveraging WhereScape RED's metadata driven approach and our deep knowledge of the product, NOW Consulting have a framework and process that reduces Cloud migration project risk and supports rapid cloud adoption. This is known as the NOW Consulting Cloud Migration Assessment.  We believe this approach is unique to NOW Consulting and it allows us de-risk a customers cloud migration and provide highly accurate cloud migration costs.

The Cloud Migration Assessment, perfected over many customer engagements, should be your first step before embarking on any platform migration. The assessment includes:

  • A current state assessment of your WhereScape RED environment
  • Proposed cloud solution architecture and technology
  • Gap analysis with recommended actions
  • Customised migration approach for your environment
  • Accurate total cost estimate for the all aspects of the migration

We believe that NOW Consulting have a tremendous and uniquely valuable contribution to help de-risk your journey to the cloud, and ensure your business achieves the benefits that the cloud can provide.

If you are considering a move to the cloud, please feel free to reach out to us so we can help you decide whether the cloud is right for you.


David Morris

CEO, NOW Consulting

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