Our Cloud Data Warehousing Microsoft Hackfest

The power of data warehouse automation and Azure combined

Our Cloud Data Warehousing Microsoft Hackfest

This month we took part in our first Microsoft Hackfest. For those of you not familiar with the Hackfest format, to qualify for the event customers must have a real business problem they'd like to solve with the cloud.  They bring a sample of their own data and spend three days working with NOW & Microsoft consultants to find and build a solution.  They then present their solution with draft costs to their execs, who join the event for the final presentations on day three.

Three customers attended the event, each with their own unique problem they wanted to solve.  Some of them had already tried to move to the cloud but had run into issues along the way.  This was the first time any of them had been able to try their migration using RED 8, the latest release of RED with increased support and functionality for cloud platforms like Azure Data Warehouse. 

It was an intense few days with everyone working really hard to get their data into shape, their solutions migrated and their azure services solutions over the line. 

The event was a huge success.  All three customers achieved their goals and they were amazed at what they could do, how easy RED made their migration, and what they could do with machine learning and Power BI.

A big thank you to all that supported the event! Below are the key Hackers for the Hackfest.

NOW Consulting: Amit Shah, Ferry Nugraha, Nick Hayward Martin Norgrove, Matt Bartley, Jimmy Stewart

Microsoft: Regan Murphy, Vishesh Oberoi, Nigel Parker, Hannes Nel, David Burela, Stuart Gain, Daniel Larsen, Patrick Quesnel, Chloe Sykes, Myles Matheson, Matt Simpson 

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