Quiz Night 2017

NOW on NOW, six teams went in but there could only be one winner

Quiz Night 2017

We've long debated who our best and brightest consultants are, or at least, who knows the most useless rubbish and would be good in a pub quiz.  We decided to put it to the test.  Earlier this month we got together for a NOW Consulting night out at the Blue Stone Room quiz.  We managed to pull together six teams, each led by one of our principal consultants.  

There was a lot of banter flying around, boasts were made and landslide victories promised.  This was never going to end well with all six teams claiming a win was but an hour or two away.   

The lead changed hands more than once with Apocalypse NOW almost crowning themselves comeback kings by going from last place in round four to being joint first in round seven with one round to go.  In the end it wasn't to be and the ever consistent NOW what claimed the win in the final round.

The winning teams are below:



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