RED 8 is here

WhereScape announced RED 8, the latest version of it's world-leading​ data warehouse automation software

RED 8 is here

WhereScape recently announced the launch of RED 8.  A whole new number means some quite significant changes.  Let’s take a look at what has been announced.


RED 8 brings the power of data warehouse automation to the latest and greatest data warehousing in the cloud technologies.  This includes full support for Snowflake on AWS and Azure SQL Data Warehouse, plus improvements on the existing Redshift and Azure SQL Database support.

You can now manage your entire analytics data environment, on-premises and in the cloud, from a single toolset.


WhereScape have further enhanced PowerShell support with this release.  With the innovative templating technology released earlier this year, RED users can now use PowerShell templates to more easily acquire data from new sources such as an API, web service or a JSON document. 

This makes it much easier to access a wider range of data sources and for data teams to incorporate new and interesting data-sets into their data warehouse.  Faster, easier and templated for re-use.  A real advantage to anyone embracing SaaS data sources and faced with the challenge of bringing all those new data-sets into their data warehouse.

Customise your automated metadata for your environment

This release includes support for extended properties which allows data teams to extend RED metadata, adding additional properties.  This will make it easier to customise the code RED produces, reducing the amount of manual customisation that needs to be done outside RED.  This deepens automation of the data warehouse build process, speeding up the time to value for your data warehouse.

Database support

Finally, RED 8 fully supports SQL 2017 and Oracle 12.2.  Take advantage of the latest and greatest on-premises database technologies available.

All in all, these announcements mean that RED is ready to help you embrace the future you choose.  Automate your data whether it’s a journey to the cloud, SaaS or simply upgrading to the latest version of Microsoft SQL.


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