The Dual 2018

- a tale of a hero

The Dual 2018

Another year another epic Dual! Sporting weekends are very much a part of our culture at NOW/WhereScape and the Dual is the one event that we sponsor. The proceeds go to helping turn Rangitoto and Motutapu into a pest-free wildlife sanctuary and we get to have a great day out on one of Hauraki's beautiful islands.

2018 was a year of firsts. We not only had our first team entry into the off-road triathlon, we also had our first couple enter as well. Victor Pechorin (WhereScape's tallest man - 6'8") and Amit Shah teamed up as did Nick Hayward and his charming wife. Why teams? Amit was very keen to try his first triathlon but hadn't done much swimming before. Victor, a keen long distance swimmer, stepped in to help out. For our other team, this was Nick Hayward's third Dual triathlon but a few years absence has left Nick a little nervous about the event. Mrs Hayward kindly stepped up to support her husband, taking on the swim and the run leaving Nick to battle through the 26km mountain bike (MTB) segment. The photo below is of Victor and Megan just before the swim began. 

In another first, an entrant who shall remain nameless has created a new acronym for the soft wall. 'Did Not Finish' or DNF is quite a common reason behind soft wall entries (the person in question is particularly famous for it). Our entrant went one step further. They entered the event and even went so far as to drop their bike off at the ferry terminal to be transported to the event the Thursday before. By Friday they were feeling a niggle and by Saturday they were in bed texting their excuses. The photo below is of their bike during the 48k MTB event that they entered. This is now the first entrant on the soft wall for DNS - 'Did Not Start'! 

But there was much more to the Dual this year. A hero emerged. In any story about a hero, the story starts with the main character falling to despair before their imminent rise to glory. In this case, the hero's fall was literal as they came off their bike with a quick trip over the handlebars along the way. This is the story of Leo Liu. Leo's front wheel took on the wrong rock and came off second best. This sent Leo over the handlebars causing a very nasty crash, you can see the crack in his helmet below. 

Leo survives to tell the tale and has committed to taking down the Dual next year. A man of steel who will not be put off by a mere rock!  

But this is not the end of the story. Leo, not only made brave commitments to the Dual 2019 but he also saved the day. A customer go live took place during the Dual and Leo, post crash, pulled out his laptop and logged in to do some work and make sure everything went smoothly! Leo - an early favourite for Mr NOW 2018.


If you'd like to know more, TV3 just released a 20 minute documentary about the Dual, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the event. The event has raised over a half a million dollars so far and they have no intention of stopping there.  We'll certainly be there to help next year.

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