The final weeks of the Virgin Pulse Challenge

The battle for sixth place heats up and where did Adrian come from?

The final weeks of the Virgin Pulse Challenge

Over 80 days in and the competition is still fierce.  For those of you who read about our entering the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge, the finish line is in sight. The Hooi Ling Globetrotters have dominated from the beginning but the battle for second place has changed hands several times with Who's Steptacular NOW? unable to shake of the Maddams.

Hooi Ling is still leading from the front and has opened up a sizeable lead on former pack leader Jimmy Stewart who sits in second place.  The man to watch is Adrian Kjellberg who has stormed into third.  Adrian has spent much of the competition in the middle of the pack but upon entering the Auckland half his daily step rates shot up and he hasn't looked back.  

Perhaps the most competitive area is the race for sixth place with five people within 25km of each other. Can Amit hold his lead?  Will the pack catch Sandy?

Awards for November (you can only win an award once so last month's winners were excluded from the award they won):

Best Cyclist - Matt Bartley.

Best Walker - Adrian Kjellberg.

Best Swimmer - Chris Wyllie.

Most improved - shared between Erenst van Heerden, Trevor Eastabrook and Matt Bartley who all jumped 10 or more places on the leaderboard over the last month.


The competition finishes on the 14th of December so there's still plenty of time for the Maddams to take second or anyone in the chasing pack to knock Amit out of sixth place.  

Once this race is over, the event organisers will open up a selection of spot races that we can take part in so expect to hear more on our Global Challenge winners and our next step competition next year.


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