The NOW Way - our approach to consulting services

Measuring ourselves by your success

The NOW Way - our approach to consulting services

Value Counts

At the core of the NOW Way is the concept that delivering value counts. Deliver a great outcome and you earn the right to be asked back. The NOW Consulting team is highly experienced at delivering value. We know value can be measured in multiple ways so we look to establish what is important before we start – “What does success look like?”

Teamwork with a personal touch

Respect and trust are the key to any relationship. Our consultants work in an honest and open way. Their professional consistency and openness enables them to earn the respect of their peers and gain the trust required for a cooperative relationship with the client.

We encourage consultants to listen twice as much as they talk, get personally involved in the team, and invest in their own, as well as the customer’s skills in order to achieve success.

Trusted partner – measuring ourselves by your success

We earn the right to be a trusted partner through our mind set - your success is our success. It is our job to make you look good.

NOW consultants take real ownership of your outcomes. They take a long-term view, and always look to understand your perspective first.

Our consultants:

  • Agree what success looks like for every customer/project and use this as the standard by which they measure themselves
  • Are challenged to exceed expectations on every project
  • Seek regular feedback to make sure they deliver what customers expect
  • Involve whoever is needed (inside or outside the company) to deliver value

The level of our involvement is entirely up to you, from fitting into your team, leading with ideas or working with you to create your data and analytics strategy. You decide. 

Project methodology – consistent success

The key to the success of any project is to regularly deliver value. Projects should be agile and delivered iteratively to ensure they are always moving forward and that the business or key stakeholders, are always seeing value. Delivering regular value drives consistent success.

An iterative approach allows teams to adapt as they go, learning and responding to change – a vital component for success in a fast paced world.

NOW Consulting’s agile and iterative approach has been a key ingredient of our success at all of our customers. 

Expertise – data and the art of the possible

At NOW we have some of the most experienced consultants in the country, and combine this expertise with a unique global perspective. NOW consultants regularly attend industry events, and many work on projects in different continents with our international customers.

Through our relationship with our parent company, WhereScape, NOW has access to a variety of global thought leaders and a network of specialized partners. This means with NOW you are getting not just the best New Zealand can offer, but the best the world can offer.

What really drives our team is the art of the possible. Discovering and delivering on the potential of your data. We’ll open your eyes to what can be achieved, and we can help you make it happen.

You can download a PDF copy of the NOW Way here.

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