What’s new in WhereScape 3D and RED version

There are significant changes in the latest RED release

What’s new in WhereScape 3D and RED version

By Dave Paul, WhereScape RED Global Product Manager

The latest update to WhereScape 3D and RED was released in July. Significant changes in the version fall into one of four categories:

  • workflow and efficiency enhancements for Data Vault generation
  • powerful new automation tools for the generation of deployment applications and scheduler jobs
  • additional bulk change options
  • enhancements to the version management of RED objects

Let’s delve into more detail on the specifics of these enhancements.

Benefits for Data Vault customers

WhereScape recommend that Data Vault customers model their raw data vaults in WhereScape 3D and deploy the completed model to WhereScape RED for physical deployment and operation. In recognition of the uptake of Data Vault a new wizard with several workflows have been implemented in 3D that not only allow richer functionality but also a more streamlined development as well.

Once the model has been designed, deployment to RED is now superfast as not only are the table objects automatically generated but their update routines are generated automatically during deployment as well. This change alone has seen the end-to-end deployment process reduce from six hours to 20 minutes for one early adopter of the new version.

New Auto Generation Option for Deployment Applications and Scheduler Jobs

RED uses deployment applications to promote BI changes between development, QA and production systems. Often these applications need to include not only all the components that have been modified in a project, but all their dependent objects as well. RED now can build a deployment application based on all the objects in a project or group. This will automatically include any dependent objects, so no table in the lineage is left behind.

Similarly, creating a new scheduler job for a large number of ELT tasks would be time-consuming when ensuring that all dependent objects were included in the job in the correct run order. But not with Just select the Build Job option from the context menu of a group, project or multi-selected list of objects and RED does all the work for you.

Additional Bulk Change Options

Source mapping objects allow loading of data into a table from separate sources, optionally in different timeframes. Previous versions of RED allowed code to be regenerated for multiple source mapping objects, but for one table at a time. With this has been extended so that source mapping object code can be generated across many tables at once.

In addition, the option to change the properties of multiple columns of a table have been enhanced to include transformations. So if you have a common transformation required for multiple columns then this can be applied with a single click.

New Version Management Option

RED has for some time provided object versioning to snapshot the state of tables or code before changes are applied. Versions are useful to create new objects based on existing ones. New in, should you wish to undo recent unwanted changes to an object, an additional versioning option of revert has been added to achieve this.

To see more details on all the other enhancements please visit the WhereScape website support section and download the release notes.

In addition, several short videos introducing the key new features are available here on the NOW Consulting YouTube channel.

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