What's happening in the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge

We have a new leader at the half way mark

What's happening in the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge


50 days in and still going strong.  For those of you who read about our entering the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge, we've passed the half way mark. The Hooi Ling Globetrotters have opened up a clear gap on the other three teams with every member of the team getting daily step rates above the 10k mark. You can find out how we're all doing in the visualisation below.

Our marketing man, Jimmy Stewart, had held the lead for much of the competition but Hooi Ling Ng took the top spot just before the halfway mark.  Given that Jimmy has been training for the marathon that was no mean feat by Hooi Ling.  

The top three of Hooi Ling, Jimmy and Chandra Shekhar are bunched together and have created a clear lead at the front but the competition for fourth place is where the race is really heating up.  Only 12,000 steps separates fourth to eighth with the lead changing daily. Sandy Cavenett holds the fourth-placed spot but Steve Dickens and Wayne Lanting are hot on her tail.

Awards for the 1st half:

Best Cyclist - Leo Liu.

Best Walker - Hooi Ling Ng.

Best Swimmer - Andy Blaney.

Most improved - shared between Michael Whitehead, Leo Liu and Adrian Kjellberg who all jumped 10 or more places on the leaderboard over the last month.


The competition has a little under 50 days to go so there's still plenty of race to go and plenty of time for Who's Steptacular NOW? The MADDAMS or WTF to challenge for the title.  You can find out how things are going in next month's newsletter.


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