WhereScape launches automation with Streaming

Real-time analytics for WhereScape customers

WhereScape launches automation with Streaming

Big news RED fans, WhereScape has launched WhereScape automation with Streaming.  With this optional add-on WhereScape customers can now automate real-time data flows with their data warehouse environments. 

This is another addition to the NOW Consulting Streaming toolbox, complementing our existing partnership with StreamSets who provide powerful real time anywhere to anywhere data integration software. We’re particularly excited about this emerging space and working with forward thinking customers to create or enhance their data platforms.

The potential for real time analytics to offer previously unattainable insights is enormous and its value cannot be underestimated.  Traditionally, the lag between an event and decision makers being aware and able to act has been caused by data led insight being batch driven.  The lag was caused by the technology.  Streaming means that lag can be reduced to mere moments.  How up to date you want your data is entirely up to you. 

The most obvious use cases for streaming are anomaly detection and optimisation however we are really just scratching the surface as we come to grips with the new paradigm Streaming represents.  Streaming will act as a catalyst to many IOT projects and IOT will provide plenty of use cases for Streaming, let alone what Streaming can do for more traditional data sources.

Of course, with new technology driven opportunity comes new complexity, and this is the value that WhereScape brings to the table.  Frameworks and automation offer simplicity and speed to otherwise complex tasks.  In other words, WhereScape automation with Streaming dramatically reduces the learning curve to adopt and drive value from Steaming.  It speeds up time to value. 

Streaming Features

Ingests real-time data flows

  • Ingest and automatically assign metadata to real-time Kafka a data streams.

Discovers and documents sources

  • Easily understand available data, format, and structure to speed up data infrastructure integration and minimize project risk.

Enriches incoming streaming data

  • Deliver enriched data for complete real-time analysis, anomaly detection or long-term persistence.

Processes data streams

  • Process and transform incoming data streams before persisting for downstream analysis.

Persists to leading data platforms

  • Persist real-time data into multiple data platforms in parallel.

Creates and maintains documentation

  • Use automatically created documentation and lineage to easily understand streaming data flows.

Populates Data Vaults

  • With WhereScape Data Vault Express, use data vault specific processing, such as hash key generation, in-flight before persisting to a data vault.

Generates Apache Spark code

  • Automatically generate native, optimized Apache Spark code and support for Spark stream-based processing. 

Product Overview

Download the WhereScape automation with Streaming product overview

Download now

Available as an optional add-on for both WhereScape RED and WhereScape Data Vault Express customers, WhereScape automation with Streaming launched on February 12th at TDWI Las Vegas (see the WhereScape press release). 

NOW Consulting are planning a New Zealand product launch event in early April to co-inside with a visit from WhereScape CTO Neil Barton.  If you have an immediate requirement for WhereScape automation with Streaming, please get in touch to book a demo using the button below.

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