RUG #4 - join us on 01 August

More exciting stuff on the RED front! RUG #4 includes an introduction to and demo of RED due for release in August.

RUG #4 - join us on 01 August


01 August, 6.00pm-8.00pm


Air New Zealand has kindly agreed to host this one.

Address: 185 Fanshawe Street - Hong Kong Meeting Room.

The agenda

1. Introduction to & demo of RED which is due in August  - Dave Paul (WhereScape RED Product Manager, WhereScape).  The demo will include some of the key new features included in this release including the new table join builder wizard, the new procedure editor, the migration to HTML format user help, the additional extensibility options for custom database support, the new data vault features and more

2. Air New Zealand speaking about the technical aspects of a recent project (details TBC)

3. A discussion on DW design ethos, with questions from the crowd to a panel of customers/NOW Consultants

Who should attend?

Anyone who is interested in the topics being discussed and in networking with fellow WhereScape RED users. If you are intending to bring guests, please encourage them to sign up themselves.

Format of the event

The event consists of three presentations, each of approximately 20 minutes, with 5-10 minutes of questions and discussion after each presentation. We also allow some general discussion and networking time at the end of the event.


Once again, NOW Consulting has generously offered to cater for the event. There will be snacks, drinks (non-alcoholic only as Air New Zealand is a dry site), and most likely pizza.


I have reduced the cost of tickets to $0. Please remember to RSVP so we have some idea of how much space we need and for catering. 

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