Wild on Waiheke

I think this might be the start of something beautiful

Wild on Waiheke

On Saturday September the 15th the sky was blue and the sun was out.  A few of us from NOW and WhereScape decided it was time to take our bikes to Waiheke for a little jaunt around the island.

We had a leisurely 35km ride planned, including a few stops at local vineyards to stay hydrated.  It was a hot day.

The day started well, 500 meters off the ferry as we were climbing up the hill to Oneroa, Chris Wyllie's bike chain snapped in two.  Two much power in the big man, he was just too keen to crush the hill and start knocking off the k's.  Enter Nick "MacGyver" Hayward with a hair clip, a silver dollar and a feather, who started taking off chain links and, well...solutioning. 

At least he looked like he knew what he was doing.  We'll never know as we soon discovered there were multiple weak points in Chris' chain (he hears that a lot).  We needed a bike shop.  Luckily for us, there was one 500 meters further up the road.  Even better it was next to a cafe.  Everyone's a winner.  Chris less so but the most of us were happy.

So, half an hour and a new chain later we were on our way.  We made our way to the coast, which is pretty easy on Waiheke, even for us, and we made our way along the south side of the island.  Our goal, was to get to the Rangihoua mountain bike trails. 

Having cycled for a good 45 minutes to get there, the team was warmed up and ready to hit the trails.  Steve led the charge, 'I'm going to head to Wild on Waiheke to get a beer, you guys go for a ride and I'll meet you there'.  With such strong leadership, the group was literally torn in two.  The hard core cyclists, and..........the others.  So 2 people went mountain biking (well done Trevor and Dave) and the rest went to get beer or a nice glass or rose.

A magical afternoon of food, a few drinks and casual cycle between vineyards ensued.  We went to Tantalus, Wild on Waiheke, a bar that shall remain nameless (because I can't remember the name) and our final stop was Cable Bay.  I think we may have shocked a few people when we strolled in in our lycra.  The wonderful thing about Cable Bay is the view, and with rugs provided, what better way to enjoy the end of our day.

This is where the intellectual side of our gaggle of data specialists came out.  Was the sculpture moving because of the wind, or did it have an electric motor?  The debate was thick and fast, from fiery to icy from moment.  Strong arguments for both sides were presented, no concensus could be reached.  Research projects were launched.

That having failed to provide an answer, we google it.  Kenetic energy.

Most of the team got the 5pm ferry back, leaving Jimmy, Dave and Trevor (the hard core + 1) to have anothing drink and catch the 6pm ferry.  It was almost sunset, what a lovely idea for them.  

They were having so much fun, chatting, enjoying the fine wine and lovely view, that they almost missed their ferry!  Luckilly for them (it was the last ferry direct to Devonport) Trevor checked his watch at 5:51pm.  A few expletives later and they were on their bikes, hurtling down the hill as fast as they could peddle.  By 5:58 they were queuing to board.  '

There is a lesson to be learned here.  Cable Bay is very very close to the ferry terminal, that's an easy day trip with a nice walk either end if you ever need an inspired idea for a romantic lunch venue in the summer to enjoy with your other half.

It was a great day enjoyed by all.  Waiheke, we will be back!


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