Our partners

We partner with leading technology vendors in the data and analytics space. We work with them, and you, to deliver the insights you need.

Our parent company WhereScape is understandably one of our closest partners. WhereScape data warehouse automation software transforms the way companies prepare data for analytics. It’s a great solution for innovative New Zealand companies who have to do with less. The speed, agility and simplicity that the software enables rapidly accelerates the output of data teams which can a have transformational impact on the way companies use data. Companies can get more value, more quickly. As the New Zealand consulting division of WhereScape, NOW Consulting is the world's most experienced services provider for WhereScape based solutions. NOW has unparalleled expertise when it comes to WhereScape with over 150 WhereScape customers across New Zealand.
Microsoft is one of our closest partners. Microsoft’s Azure platform is one of the most advanced and features rich public cloud platforms in the market with great capability across the entire data, analytics and AI space. As a Microsoft Gold Partner we have the expertise to deliver successful outcomes for customers. Additionally WhereScape software, of which NOW Consulting is the New Zealand consulting arm, is Microsoft’s largest New Zealand Independent Software Vendor (ISV).
Amazon Web Services
Having one of the most mature cloud platform’s has made AWS one of the world's most popular cloud vendor’s. AWS offers customers plenty of functionality to help data teams on their cloud journey. Our consultants know their way around the cloud, they know the AWS platform well and how to design solutions that take advantage of what AWS has to offer in Data and AI.
Performance, concurrency and simplicity are at the very center of the Snowflake data warehouse platform and it's a value proposition that lines up superbly with our own. Snowflake was built with the cloud in mind so takes full advantage of the benefits of cloud computing. Snowflake epitomises the values of a modern data platform and we're very excited to be partnered with such an up and coming cloud technology.
When we looked at the Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms space, we decided we wanted to work with the best in the business. Qlik is one of those leaders and we’re thrilled to be a reseller for Qlik software and a leading NZ services provider for the Qlik solution. We like Qlik as their association engine can be a game changer for the right environments and their governance capabilities are also very strong which makes them a great fit for self-service.
The International Institute for Analytics (IIA) is the authority on analytics maturity and best practices. The IIA works across a breadth of industries to bring industry leading best practices to the wider analytics market. As the exclusive reseller for the IIA in NZ, NOW Consulting provides analytics assessments, evaluations, workshops, program strategy consulting and training – keeping business leaders and analytics professionals on the cutting edge of analytics in the new data economy.
Big data has started gaining real traction in New Zealand and Cloudera has been at the centre of much of this. Cloudera has been, and continues to be, a pioneer of the big data and analytics markets. Our consultants can help you build modern big data solutions leveraging your Cloudera environment and our WhereScape RED software can deliver data automation for your Cloudera data hub.
MapR’s converged data platform takes a different approach to big data that is quite unique and, in some cases, offers data teams significant advantages. We can help you find out whether MapR is the right fit for you and our consultants can help you build and deploy big data solutions to your MapR environment.
The requirement for streaming, data and analytics is increasing exponentially. What has been missing are the tools to help organisations deliver solutions quickly and easily. We think StreamSets is a real innovator in this space and one of the most up and coming vendors in the streaming market, so we’re excited to be partnered with them to bring streaming software and solutions to the NZ market.
Montage is a Platinum WhereScape partner and is responsible for all WhereScape software in the South Island. As the master distributor of WhereScape software for New Zealand, NOW Consulting works with Montage to get the WhereScape message out to kiwi companies, helping them get value from their data, faster.
enterprise IT
enterprise IT is our managed services partner. It provides our customers with the full range of services and choice, offering on premises or cloud managed services.
Mindfull is a Platinum WhereScape partner. As the master distributor of WhereScape software for New Zealand, NOW Consulting works with Mindfull to get the WhereScape message out to kiwi companies, helping them get value from their data, faster.