David Morris


David Morris

David Morris


Joined Jan 2000

From building data warehouses to managing a team of consultants to establishing NOW Consulting, working with WhereScape has given David an extraordinary range of BI experiences. He’s very proud to be part of that story, and to have been given the chance to really add value to so many businesses in NZ and further abroad using internationally acclaimed tools and processes.

Tell us a bit about your background.

I was born in the US and raised in Wales, and now (having lived in New Zealand longer than anywhere else) I identify as a Kiwi. I just need to work on the accent and stop hoping for a Welsh victory over the All Blacks for the transformation to be complete.

How did you get into BI/Data?

Straight out of the starting blocks from university many years ago! My role involved working with different people around the business, defining how we could automate some of their day-to-day tasks. It's always been about the data – from dBase and Clipper to Oracle, SQL and beyond. From developer to DBA to consultant, I've always liked to be involved with making data work.

What’s your most memorable WhereScape/NOW moment?

There have been many, many great memories. Winning the Supreme Award for International Business (presented by NZ Prime Minister John Key) definitely stands out!

What do you do outside the office?

I love to mountain bike these days, as well as get to the gym a few times a week. I used to run a few half marathons, but have now retired from that. I also very much like to get into the garden – but not flowers, I like to grow things I can eat. 

Give us a fun fact about yourself.

I have a twin sister (and no, we are not identical). I'm a Welshman that can't hold a tune, but occasionally I don't let that stop me. 

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