Ferry Nugraha

Principal Consultant

Ferry Nugraha

Ferry Nugraha

Principal Consultant

Joined November 2011   

My role varies between clients and engagements. In some projects I could be performing technical leadership or mentoring roles, while in some others I could be providing delivery assurance and account management roles.

Tell us a bit about your background.

Originally from Indonesia where I lived until I was 17 (that’s less than half of my life now!), I came to Auckland by myself to do my university study and somehow I’ve been ‘stuck’ here ever since.

How did you get into BI/Data?

At NZDG / Fonterra I was part of a team that looked after the scheduling and maintenance of all their milk tankers collecting milk from dairy farms all over New Zealand. It doesn’t get much more ‘New Zealand’ than that! I even got to go around in the milk tankers a few times to get a full understanding of the business process.

Anyway, that’s where I got my first exposure to Data and started my special interest in all things databases. Since then, I have always been the go-to person when it comes to anything to do with databases (especially when there were problems!).

Through my consulting experience in implementations of various ERP software packages and their system integration, naturally the next questions are around how to get information out of the data. That’s where I started to get involved in data warehousing projects. I liked it so much so that I chose to specialise in it and leave system integration behind.

What’s your most memorable WhereScape/NOW moment?

For a particular client I helped them to start a BI team from scratch. From recruitment and learning the concepts, to hardware review and commissioning, to guiding and working alongside the team to build a data warehouse, and all in a short time. From ongoing coaching to finally leaving them self-sustainable and building all types of advanced analytics by themselves, I found that engagement particularly satisfying.

What do you do outside of the office?

I spend most of my time outside work with the family. I’m a huge Rugby and Rugby League fan, occasionally I get to escape to watch a game or two or just chat about them with my good mates.

I enjoy doing home renovations and general DIY, indoor and outdoor. My wife seems to think that I’m good at starting DIY projects but not so good at finishing them.

Give us a fun fact about yourself.

I love spicy food and would love to take part in a chilli eating competition.

I love enjoying different kinds of food from different parts of the world and learning their cultural aspects.

Someone at WhereScape calls me a Foodie. Not the Connoisseur kind, more like the adventurous kind. I have a motto I live by that when it comes to food, “I’ll try anything … twice”.

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