Martin Norgrove

Chief Technology Officer

Martin Norgrove

Martin Norgrove

Chief Technology Officer

Joined December 2011

With a BSc in Physical & Inorganic Chemistry from The University of Auckland, Martin initially started working life as a lab technician and logistics specialist for Carter Holt Harvey before discovering his passion for BI/data. He’s worked for numerous high-profile brands including Spark, Z Energy, ASB, and Super Liquor; and thinks the future is very bright. BI has been on Gartner’s top 10 list for CIO’s for many years – and it’s only getting more critical.

Tell us a bit about your background.

I became interested in IT while working for IBM in the UK on my OE, where I discovered I had a knack for understanding data. When I came back to Auckland in 2002, I started working for the Auckland City Council and was involved in a major IT upgrade of the Land Information System. This was my introduction to writing complex SQL, and the foundation for my interest in building DW/BI systems. I enjoy being involved in large and complex projects, and particularly like the dynamic environment of projects and the pressure of delivery deadlines (believe it or not!)

How did you get into BI/Data?

My first experience of WhereScape RED was at the then North Shore City Council, where I was an Analyst. I’ve never looked back – I hate repetitive mundane tasks, and got the DW automation angle straight away. I was responsible for building the DW, creating the report solution on top of it, integrating it with the council intranet, and developing BI Strategy for the council. After a period working as BI consultant for a number of companies (Spark, Z Energy, Super Liquor) I decided to make the move to join the WhereScape team. 

What’s your most memorable Wherescape/NOW moment?

There’s too many to list, but I’ve worked on a number of jobs that stand out for ASB, Auckland Council, Auckland Motorway Alliance and Lotto NZ. I love at WhereScape how we always have our customer’s needs foremost in our minds. Our mantra is to deliver value for the customer now, not in 3-6 months but by the end of the week. That’s very powerful.

What do you do outside the office?

I’m a family man, and my wife and two boys mean a great deal to me (along with our Labrador puppy Sinda). I also love test cricket – I would watch it all day if my wife would let me!

Give us a fun fact about yourself.

I’m a bit cheeky and love a good windup!

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