Matt Bartley

General Manager of Sales & Marketing

Matt Bartley

Matt Bartley

General Manager Sales & Marketing

Joined April 2014

Over the past 20 years, Matt has held a variety of client-facing roles with a number of international and local technology companies including CSC, TMP Worldwide, Lexel and IBM. Today, Matt drives the sales and marketing engine for Now Consulting, and is responsible for all client-facing activities throughout New Zealand. Now Consulting has built a loyal and devoted customer base over the years, and as a result Matt thrives on the interaction this role provides in dealing with such a wide variety and diversity of clients.  

Tell us a bit about your background.

I’m a big fan of information, and possibly border on ‘internet dependency’ (it’s a recognised condition) for feeding this thirst for information. I’m an avid reader and subscribe to a large number of Information Management feeds. The thought leadership and analysis around trying to predict where different types of technology may lead us in the future fascinates me, for example the role of AI and other exponential technologies – and what a singularity may look like in coming decades. 

How did you get into BI/data?

I began my professional career as a Marine Biologist – however after moving to London in the mid nineties, I discovered that my interests lay in the tech world. As a result, I made the highly logical decision to move into the technology sector. 

What’s your most memorable WhereScape moment?

It has to be winning the 2016 NZTE Supreme International Business of the year award. It was an amazing evening and a great reward for everyone's hard work. 

What do you do outside the office?

Surfing is my meditation. I tried yoga, but it doesn’t even come close to surfing. I also have a penchant for sitting around cafés in Lycra drinking extra strong coffee – however, this does generally follow some sort of regular early morning training ride with like-minded Lycra-clad cyclists. I’ve also played guitar for over 20 years, and therefore should be so much better than I actually am.

Give us a fun fact about yourself.

I was educated in Sweden, and speak fluent Swedish.

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