Steve Dickens

General Manager of Consulting

Steve Dickens

Steve Dickens

General Manager Consulting New Zealand  

Joined way, way back in 2003  

Steve started out ‘back in the day’ with hardcore green-screen Mainframe programming (COBOL/CICS) before transitioning into the Client Server arena in Food Retailing. Next, he became a Consultant at Admiral Computing using Powerbuilder/Sybase/Oracle, then spent six months contracting for Coopers & Lybrand in Sydney as a backpacker (which then funded his travels in New Zealand for three additional months). He spent five years in London in the BI area then married a Kiwi, moved to NZ under strict orders, and got a job at WhereScape when the company consisted of 8 people and no office. He’s been here ever since.

Tell us a bit about your background.

English parents (doctors), born Belfast, lived north of London, went to boarding school in Somerset, then Bristol and Avon before travelling the world a lot. I ended up in London … and finally New Zealand! According to my father-in-law it takes 20 years to convert an Englishman into a Kiwi – so I identify as a ‘Trainee Kiwi’. 

How did you get into BI/Data?

I’ve always loved programming, but at HSBC I started to see the value add of giving business areas new insights and access to data. 

What’s your most memorable WhereScape/NOW moment?

Meeting and chatting to John Key the Prime Minister at the NZTE awards (when we won two awards in 2016). He was actually a really nice guy.  

What do you do outside the office?

Keeping fit (boot camp, cycling), brewing beer, organising social/sporting events, films/reading.

Give us a fun fact about yourself.

I rode around Australia on a motorcycle on my own for 6 months, and also played basketball for the England Under16 team. 

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